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Big Trade-In Deal Brings Cheap Surface Pro 3



There still isn’t a cheap Surface Pro 3 available directly from Microsoft, but electronics retailer Best Buy is taking the matter into its own hands. This week the retailer announced a deep discount for users who’d like to upgrade to Microsoft’s productivity and entertainment Windows 2-in-1.

Best Buy began offering this Surface Pro 3 trade-in-deal early this past Sunday, just weeks before its set to carry the Surface 3, the low-end entertainment tablet that’ll join the Surface Pro 3 on store shelves. As of right now, trading in any tablet toward the cost of a Surface Pro 3 gets users a minimum of $200 in credit. $50 of that credit is a Best Buy gift card and the other $150 is a coupon.

Surface Pro 3 Trade-In Deal

Those who have a tablet that’s worth more stand to pick up even more toward the purchase of the Surface Pro 3. Best Buy is specifically excluding e-readers from this deal, limiting trade-ins to its retail locations and specifically asking users to remove their data before submitting their tablet for trade-in.

All told, this is a pretty good deal for anyone who was already on the fence about purchasing the Surface Pro 3, which can get expensive pretty easily. A Surface Pro 3 with 64GB of storage, and Intel Core i3 Processor and 4GB of RAM costs $799. The Surface Pro 3 with 128GB of storage a more powerful Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM costs $999.99. There are other Surface Pro devices with more robust processors and more storage at $1,299, $1549, and $1,949.

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Every Surface Pro 3 comes with a charger and a Surface Pen. The charger has a built-in USB port that allows users to charge their smartphone or extra accessories. The Surface Pen lets users take handwritten notes and can automatically open the Surface Pro 3 without having to type in a password just for note-taking. Microsoft doesn’t include the Surface Type Cover with the Surface Pro 3, so that’s an added $129 expense. It is worth noting that you don’t necessarily need the Type Cover to make use of the device. There’s a full-size USB port for connecting accessories and support for Bluetooth keyboards and pointing devices.

The Surface Pro 3 really is a notebook that looks like a tablet. It has a high-definition 12-inch touchscreen so that it can be used like a tablet. Users can reposition the display at almost any angle that’s to a built-in kickstand that can be adjusted with one hand. What’s more, Microsoft includes a full version of Windows 8.1 Professional on the Surface Pro 3. Having Windows 8.1 Professional gives users access to business features like virtual machines and provides access to Desktop Windows apps like Microsoft Office, iTunes and Adobe Photoshop. In fact, Photoshop allows buyers to use that Surface Pen is a pressure sensitive paint brush and stylus.

To be clear, this Surface Pro 3 deal does come at a strange time. Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 a year ago this coming May. It arrived on store shelves and at online stores in June. Recent rumors allege that there’s a Surface Pro 4 tablet coming this summer with an announcement at Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 developer event. So far nothing has backed-up that announcement, by the time does certainly make sense giving Microsoft’s timeline for finishing the Windows 10 operating system that’s expected to be on board.

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Best Buy is encouraging users to call ahead to their local stores before driving in for a trade-in. The company won’t take devices with screen or water damage for trade-ins.

For what it’s worth, Microsoft is offering the Surface Pro 3 tablets with a free sleeve on its website.

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