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BiKN is an iPhone Case with a Twist



Today at CES 2012, we had a chance to check out a new gadget and app, both called BiKN, developed by Treehouse Labs, which aims to help you keep track of the things that you love, like say, your keys, while also keeping track of your iPhone. So, how does it work exactly? Let’s take a look.

BiKN is comprised of three items. The first is a case which sort of resembles your typical iPhone case, only, it’s not your typical iPhone case at all. Instead, the case, when used in conjunction with the myBiKN application and BiKN tags, acts as a tool with which you can find things that you tag.

Tagging things is as easy as attaching a tag to things that you often have a hard time tracking down. Put a tag on your keys and if they are within 250,000 square feet, the app will be able to track them down. You could also, for example, attach a tag to your child’s belt, and using the app, set a proximity alert, and if he or she wanders beyond that, you’ll get notified.

You’re also able to page your tags. So if you give one to your friend, you can page them when it’s time to leave someplace if you just so happen to get split up.

The neat part is that your phone doesn’t need to be on nor do you have to have cell phone service.

Essentially, BiKN acts as your own personal wireless network. Not to mention an iPhone case that protects your phone.

The application is currently available on the iOS App Store while the case and the tags will be out sometime later this month.


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