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Bing App Crashing on Surface RT



I took some flack from some folks about my review of the Windows Surface RT. Not only did I say the device and its dual nature confused me, but I pointed out that there are, at least in my experience quite a few bugs that obviously need attention in this very Version 1.0 device. As I’ve continued to work with the Surface RT, I still continue to like the device very much, despite the issues that I’m experiencing. Those frustrations continue to mount though, and they come from some surprising places.

You would think that the Windows Store Apps Metro Apps created by Microsoft would have less problems than some of the third party Apps. At least I think that should be the case. Well, earlier this evening I discovered that there is something a bit wrong with the Bing App. You know Bing. It’s Microsoft big play into search. Bing itself is surprisingly good I’ve found over the last several months or so.

One of the things I want to change on the Surface RT is to allow the device to read the SD Card so that media I store on that card will be read directly from some of the Metro Apps like Video and Music. Thanks to the NTFS file system there are ways to do this. I was looking for some instructions on how to set this up using Bing, and while the search would yield a series of articles, each time I touched to access the articles the Bing App would crash. This happened 8 times. I did try opening different search results to make sure that it wasn’t a problem with a particular result. Note that this was using the Bing App. Performing this same search using the browser did not yield this problem.

After the 8th time I decided to tape this video. Before I did so, I rebooted the Surface RT so that I was attempting this on a basically clean machine. You’ll see that on attempt number 9, the Bing App crashed again.

Here’s hoping we can see some Windows Store App Metro App updates soon.



  1. DJ

    11/01/2012 at 9:21 pm

    appreciate your views on this. There are a lot of how lovely it is but virtually none with real life experiences good or bad. Keep up the good work. Now that I realize that the iPad Mini doesn’t have a retina display, I won’t be buying one. I worst thing about the RT (for me) is the rudimentary way it handles hand writing. They are obviously not using Wacom guts or it would be better. Sigh, here’s their chance to really beat out the iPad with something Steve said was unnecessary but many of us wouldn’t use a tablet without a stylus. Looking forward to your next installment. Especially more on handwriting (don’t care if it translates, just care that it doesn’t look like it was drawn by a 3 year old).

  2. joe

    11/02/2012 at 9:34 pm

    Is that the only search term that causes it too crash? Have you seen this happen with any other search term? If not, then it seems like a weird, but extremely minor flaw, hardly worth mentioning.

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