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BlackBerry 10 Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook



RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet recently got a crucial update to PlayBook OS 2.0, an update that finally brought features like native email and contacts, features that should have been on the device from the beginning. Well, seems OS 2.0 won’t be the last update that the device will get as RIM’s Vice President of Product Management Rob Orr has confirmed that it will get an upgrade to BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10, of course, is the operating system formally known as as BBX – a moniker derived from its QNX roots.

RIM also reiterated the launch date for the new operating system, which, unfortunately, is extremely far off in the distance.

BlackBerry 10 Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook

Orr said that the first device with BlackBerry 10 on board will arrive in later 2012 with the BlackBerry PlayBook getting the upgrade at some point after the launch.

So, PlayBook owners are going to be waiting for quite awhile before this update arrives that’s for sure. September and October are currently the target months for the BlackBerry 10 launch and we imagine that it’s going to take a few weeks or months to get the software on board the tablet.

Still, it’s nice to know that RIM isn’t abandoning its tablet device, even as its gearing up to launch two new models in the coming days.

Yesterday, two new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets passed through the FCC, one HSPA+ enabled the other 4G LTE, destined for unknown carriers here in the United States.

AT&T and Verizon seem like the likely destinations for the devices and while we haven’t heard anything official just yet, we should be filled in soon.

Via: TechRadar

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