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BlackBerry 10 L-Series Shown Off in Video



A new video shows the upcoming all touchscreen BlackBerry 10 L-Series device that’s set for release early next year according to a SlashGear report.

The video comes from Vietnamese site TinhTe and shows what looks like an L-Series phone that just came out of production. The video comes from the same source that recently leaked photos of the upcoming device.

The phone looks a lot like the developer phones RIM gave out at recent BlackBerry Jam events. The final version is thinner, and less boxy. The leaked phone has a smaller bezel on the sides of the screen and the plastic above and below the display have rounded edges.

Aside from the changes in shape everything on the L-Series down to the placement of ports is the same as the developer phones from RIM.

The video shows the back cover of the L-Series is removable so users can replace the battery if they choose to. The phone also has a microSD card slot next to the battery for extra storage space. It’s not known how much storage space is available on the phone.

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

The video shows some basic uses of BlackBerry 10, but not much. There’s only a few seconds of the notification list and the active apps screen. Most of the video focuses on the grid of apps to the right of both of those. It also shows how phone calls work on the device: a bar with the caller’s name appears n the middle of the screen, swiping down answers the call, swiping up ignores it.

RIM already showed off a number of the new features in BlackBerry 10 at recent events. The public will get the chance to try it sometime in early 2013. RIM scheduled a press event for January 30, 2012 where it will launch the new OS. It’s not clear if the company will announce its carrier partners at the event or if it’ll keep the fans it has left waiting.

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1 Comment

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