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BlackBerry 10 Not Coming to Current BlackBerry Phones



RIM has confirmed some unfortunate but unsurprising news in that its current lineup of BlackBerry handsets will not be getting the upgrade to BlackBerry 10, the company’s new operating system that it showed off yesterday for the first time and which will launch later on this year.

The news was confirmed by SlashGear who says that RIM confirmed the news on day two of its BlackBerry World 2012 developer event.

Day one saw the company unveil BlackBerry 10 for the first time, culminating with the release of a teaser video which can be seen below.

This is obviously not going to be welcomed news by the legions of BlackBerry handset owners who are currently using a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry 7 OS or below. However, it shouldn’t be too surprising given how different the BlackBerry 10 software is from the company’s previous versions.

As the report points out, Microsoft did something similar when it made the move to Windows Phone. Microsoft disappointed many when it completely canned Windows Mobile when switching to its new operating system.

Since then, the company has been stalled behind both Apple iOS and Google’s Android.

Microsoft also found itself in trouble when a Windows Phone evangelist said that the operating system’s next big update, Windows Phone 8, would be coming to all current devices.

The company denied this to be the case and it’s still unclear which, if any, current Windows Phone devices will see the Apollo update.

As for RIM, it currently trying to dig itself out of a huge hole as the first quarter of 2012 saw the company not only post dreadful results but lose a lot of its top leadership as well.

The company isn’t expected to launch BlackBerry 10 until later on this year with current rumors pegging August as the launch month and October as the release month for the operating system’s first device.

That first device is said to be a touch-only device meaning it won’t have one of BlackBerry’s iconic physical QWERTY keyboards o board.

Read: RIM Isn’t Ditching Physical Keyboards with BlackBerry 10.

RIM isn’t expected to launch a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard until Q1 of 2013.



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    05/02/2012 at 2:46 pm

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    05/02/2012 at 7:43 pm

    another reason to switch to or stick with apple’s ecosystem

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