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BlackBerry PlayBook Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy



The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for pre-order at The PlayBook will be available for as low as $499, but it’s still unclear when customers will actually be able to get their hands on RIM’s tablet.

Over at Best Buy’s PlayBook landing page (, there’s a lot of info about the device. Pre-orders require a $50 deposit and the full retail price will be charged to your credit card when the PlayBook is actually ready to ship.

As of right now, the BlackBerry Playbook shows an estimated arrival date of April 19 to April 20 with express shipping. April 10 has been the rumored release date of the PlayBook and we wouldn’t be surprised if the device started popping up before the April 19 ship date. 

If you want to be the first to pick up a PlayBook from Best Buy, you can reserve one at your local Best Buy store. Best Buy’s reservation system does not guarantee you a PlayBook the day it launches, but they will be doled out in the order the reservation deposts are received. If you change your mind before you pick up your playBook you can always return the $50 gift card or use it for anything else in the store.




  1. dstrauss

    03/22/2011 at 3:44 pm

    I REST MY CASE! Yesterday Xavier go tbeat up over his response that Apple will not lose 50% of the tablet market this year, which I agree whole-heartedly. And today, RIM gives further proof of my maxum – you cannot beat Apple in this game by matching their prices and saying “but we can do more sir!” As a consumer, why should I EVER havea wannabe product if I can have the real thing for the same price? Heavens, its like asking a buyer to purchase the fake Rolex at the same price as the real one in the display case.

    With Motorola and Samsung OVERPRICING, RIM matching, and who knows where HP will fall, you naysayers out there look me in the eye and tell me how these all plastic pieces of untested hardware and FIRST generation software are going to compete with the fit, finish, and quality of the all ALUMINUM ipad 2 which is thinner and has tons more WORKING software to choose from on an OS that has been IN PRODUCTION since 2007…the critics have just got to be kidding!

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