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BlackBerry Unveils The BlackBerry Q5



Unveiled today, BlackBerry’s new BlackBerry Q5 is all about bringing the comfort and features of the BlackBerry 10 operating system to users internationally.

The newly announced BlackBerry Q5 will attempt to appeal to users at more affordable price points than that of the company’s BlackBerry Z10 and upcoming Blackberry Q10 devices.

The new BlackBerry Q5 will feature a 3.1” touch screen, that’s being complimented by a QWERTY keyboard. Other than that the company is staying pretty silent on the exact specifications of the device’s processor and other internal components. It is announcing that the device will be made available to buyers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America in July. The company is not yet sharing how much the device will cost users in those regions however.

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The new BlackBerry Q5, running BlackBerry 10.

The new BlackBerry Q5, running BlackBerry 10.

Available colors will include pink, white black and red.

Because of the relatively specific nature of the markets the device is launching in, and their similar color tones and form factor, it’s possible that the BlackBerry Q5 is a move to shore up the company’s low end sales in these markets from an attack by Nokia’s Asha line of products. Like the Q5, Asha devices are meant to be a low-end way for users to get many of the features of a smartphone in a durable, relatively cheap package. Nokia recently introduced the Asha 501, which marked the company’s most aggressive move in the feature phone space to date.

The Q5 would be the third device to ship with BlackBerry 10 on board, market research compiled by ITG had indicated that sales of devices running the platform had tumbled in recent weeks.

Instead of focusing on hardware, the company is attempting to play up the user scenarios that the Q5 and BlackBerry 10 will enable. For example, users of the Q5 are able to capture and share pictures and video using the device’s built-in Time Shift and Story Maker.

Additionally, users will be able to connect with others who have a BlackBerry device by using BlackBerry Messenger chat sessions and video chat. These users will also be able to broadcast what they are currently looking at on their screen via Screen Share.

BlackBerry is also using the opportunity to talk up its thriving application store. According to the company BlackBerry World now contains about 100,000 applications, making it the world’s fourth largest app store behind Apple’s iTunes App Store, Google’s Google Play Store and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pfezziwig

    05/23/2013 at 9:40 am

    re: market research compiled by ITG

    ITG is a front for Canaccord and Pacific Crest, 2 notorius market manipulators who have trashed Blackberry as it rose 120% over the last 8 months to support their boneheaded Short position at $10-12. ITG is made up of former hacks at Canaccord and Pacific Crest, now they’re simply doing some of the dirty work for them. Canaccord and Pacific Crest are getting very desperate, they only have 1-2 more quarters to minimize the damages before the Short squeeze happens.

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