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BlackBerry Z10 Features All but Confirmed



The BlackBerry L-Series, rumored to be called the BlackBerry Z10 at launch, has shown up several times in the past few weeks in the build up to is eventual launch on January 30th at RIM’s BlackBerry 10 event. Yesterday, we saw its supposed features leak out and today, slides that seemingly come from RIM itself have all but confirmed the BlackBerry Z10’s features.

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On January 30th, RIM is going to be showcasing not only its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, but the first two devices that will be powered by it. Thus far, those devices have taken on the names BlackBerry Z10, RIM’s all-touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone and the BlackBerry X10 which figures to be RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 device with a full QWERTY keyboard.


Slides have all but confirmed features of the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10.

The BlackBerry Z10 has leaked out a number of times in recent days, including once on video, and due to those leaks, it looks like we have a pretty good bead on what will be on board the BlackBerry Z10 when it arrives.

TechRadar has unearthed several slides that show off some of the exact specifications of the BlackBerry Z10 including its screen size, screen resolution, storage space, video cameras and more.

According to the leaked slides, the BlackBerry Z10’s display will measure 4.2-inches in size and check in with a resolution of 1280 x 768. That’s high-resolution for a BlackBerry smartphone but Android phones coming out this year will be rocking 1080p resolution, much higher than the resolution of the BlackBerry Z10.

The device will evidently sport 16GB of memory and according to the cases we saw at CES and its FCC filing, it should have a microSD card slot for expanded storage space beyond that initial 16GB.

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It’ll also sport two cameras, one in the rear that is 8MP and can shoot 1080p video and one in the front that can take 720p video. It’ll also have NFC support, Bluetooth and access to 4G. It’ll also have an 1,800 mAh battery to keep it powered.

Keep in mind, none of these are confirmed but it very much looks like they will be the specifications that are on board the BlackBerry Z10 when it arrives later on this month.

Thus far, we’ve seen AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon announce support for BlackBerry 10, though, we don’t know where or when the BlackBerry Z10 will land when it arrives in the weeks ahead.

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1 Comment

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