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Blame It All On James Kendrick



We all spend time justifying and rationalizing our gadget purchases, especially to our significant others. And occasionally we spend time hiding them. (Shhh!) Want proof? Just listen to Rob and Hugo on the latest GBM Podcast. Of course none of that ever works. But now, thanks to Steve “Chippy” Paine perhaps we’ve got a new tactic to explain away our actions when we succumb to gadget lust. In looking for a possible new phone/camera/navigation device for his wife (yeah, there’s a rationalization for you) Steve picks up a new Nokia E90 and assigns much of the blame to James Kendrick. Check it out in this video.



Fortunately my wife got to meet JK at CES last January and got to sample his magnetic and persuasive ways, so perhaps I won’t have too much difficulty using this tactic. 



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