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Mobile – How to draw comics (on a Tablet PC)



Chris Pirillo (the original LockerGnome) is into many things, some I just won’t mention, but I wanted to pass this one on to those who may not have discovered it yet!

Even a Caveman Could Do it I came across this link a while back to, which is Chris’ (un)Official comic strip for the blogosphere, done with artist Brad Fitzpatrick.  From what I gather, Chris comes up with the topic, and Brad draws it up.  I have started to link to it a few times and maybe even consider having it as a feature at GBM, but well, there is a little too much of Chris’ off color and totally out of control humor!  At any rate, you can go check the comics out anytime you wish by going to  Some of them are pretty hilarious as Chris and company take pot shots at the A list bloggers and current topics.

>What caught my eye this week was the discovery that a great portion of all these comics are drawn using a Tablet PC. He starts with a sketchbook, and finished with a tablet.  In the artists own words:

“After scanning in the sketch, I import it into Flash on it’s own layer, and then I use my tablet pc to vectorize the final art on the layers above it. Not exactly the traditional vector artist technique, but it works just splendid for me. I have yet to find another vector program out there that can come close to matching the solid drawing tools in Flash…..”

Hey Brad!  What kind of Tablet and software are you using?  When are you and Chris gonna do a GottaBeMobile comic man?  :-)


Click here to read the story and see the videos!

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