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BlockBuster to Sell Archos 10 Netbook



archos-10I guess you can pick up a Netbook next to the Snow Caps, microwave popcorn, and other goodies at Blockbuster in the future. Turns out that Blockbuster is going to be selling the Archos 10 Netbook in some of its   stores.

It is an odd pairing to say the least, and as Brad Linder points out Blockbuster and Archos do compete a bit, or at least have been doing so with online services.

Nevertheless, if you want to drop $299 for the Archos 10, you might want to check out your local Blockbuster, (they’ll be on sale at 1000 “select” Blockbuster stores. I think “select” means the one’s that aren’t closing down. ) or you could just drop the same dough and order it from Amazon and forget about the Snow Caps.

Here’s a link to the press release.

Via Engadget via Liliputing

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