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Blogging from OneNote 2007



Chris Pratley has let the good news spill out about a new feature in OneNote 2007 – posting a blog entry from OneNote 2007 .

Over on the Word blog Joe Friend has broken the news about the new blogging support we’ve added to Word 2007. I’m happy to say that OneNote 2007 is also going to benefit, as a feature I have long wanted will now come to OneNote 2007 – blogging support directly from OneNote.

That is going to be a very nice feature to have. Now, here is the question I want to know: Can I write my entry in Ink and have that posted? Will the ink image automatically get sent to my ftp server? Chris says that it supports embeddd images…what about converting the ink to an image? That would be very cool.

Can’t wait to try this feature out when Beta 2 is released.

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