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Blogging from OneNote – update



I was just reading the comments on Chris Pratley’s blog regarding the blogging feature being built-in to Word 2007 and OneNote 2007. In my post about this feature, I wondered out loud about creating a blog entry using ink. Well, Chris answered the question in his comments:

A couple of people have asked what happens to ink when you blog by using this tool (via Word). Right now the behavior is that ink we think is handwriting is converted to text when it is sent to Word. Ink we think is a drawing is sent as an image. The nice thing about this is that you have control. If you want to blog in “ink” (i.e. images of your ink), you can select all the handwriting and use Tools/Treat selected ink as>Drawing.

Very, very cool! How do I blog in ink right now (not that I’ve done much of it lately)? Our blogging engine, dasBlog, supports blogging by email. So I just ink an email in Outlook and email the post in. dasBlogs sees the image and embeds it.

What would be really cool in that new feature is to have it convert the ink to text and keep the ink as drawing so the entry could be searched. I imagine that sumocat is going to be saving a lot of time with this new feature.

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