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Blogging In Ink



Interested in blogging in ink? Inkiness has written a really good introduction that help you get started.

If I blog in ink, I typically just use Outlook and send my post in via email. The ink gets uploaded as image and right along with the text that I’ve typed out as well. The benefit that Inkiness’ guide gives you is how to link using image maps.

As thorough as the guide is, the process is not straight forward, takes a lot of time, and extra software. Anyone care to develop a blogging utility that incorporates ink and links? These ink bloggers are really paving the way for us all, showing that interactive inking can be done – the process just needs to be brought together by some good software. I understand that Matt ( Windows With Ink ) is working on a OneNote blogging plug-in that lets you post in ink and automatically handles the text part of the post as well. What about linking, Matt?

It’ll be interesting to see if OneNote 2007 / Word 2007 beta 2 addresses image maps with its’ blogging feature. If so, that certainly would solve alot of issues.

Thanks for the link, Sumocat

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