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Blu-Ray and Controller Details Make the Next Xbox One Update Even Bigger



Microsoft is adding three more coveted features and changes to the April Xbox One update coming to users including new controller firmware for reducing audio noise, better Blu-ray movie support and the ability for users to manually trigger an update from the console itself.

Microsoft announced the surprising new features in a post to Xbox Wire this morning. While they’ll certainly be appreciated by the millions of users who have or will purchase an Xbox One console over the next few months, they weren’t really expected. Users last got a console update in March. That update included better apps and games sorting and better support for playing multiplayer with friends and family.

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This biggest draw to what’s likely going to be called the April Xbox One update is probably going to be better Blu-ray support. Today the console allows users to play their Blu-ray movies, but users run into problems when trying to play back movies recorded at 50 Hz. Microsoft is addressing that issue, and users can expect a refreshed Blu-ray app on the console. That app too hadn’t exactly won over users with its barebones playback options and controls.

The aforementioned controller update should fix the audio issues users reported after the March Xbox One Update added support for wireless headsets to the Xbox One controller.

Microsoft is also smoothing out the update process with the April Xbox One update. Going forward, the Xbox One will automatically download and install any pending updates from Xbox Live if it’s in low power mode. After the update is done, it’ll go back to lower power mode, ridding users of the full boot process that used to happen after the update. Microsoft has also added a button so that users can manually tell their console to update instead of waiting for the console to perform the update itself.

Last month Microsoft said this update would also include updates to the Xbox One’s TV management, better Kinect tracking, friend login notifications and a progress bar when game saves are updated.

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All told, the real story here seems to be the rapid fire way in which Microsoft is able to test new features on real world users, solicit feedback and then quickly deploy them to everyone else. Typically, console updates – even with the Xbox 360 – took months to arrive. Microsoft has updated the Xbox One in some way once every month since launch.

Xbox One owners who joined the company’s beta program back in January should see this update arrive on their consoles over the next week.

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