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Bluebeam Insider: Going Mobile with Tablet PCs



Bluebeam PDF annotating tablet pc Bluebeam Software, the makers of the PDF annotating software Bluebeam PDF Revu, has published a good introduction article on going mobile, picking the right tablet pc, etc. They even give and a nice mention as good resources for picking a Tablet PC.

Check out the article, especially if you are beginning your first searches for a Tablet PC.

Today, Tablet PCs are used in construction, law, sales force automation, health care, and government institutions to enable a growing mobile workforce. With the ease and convenience of the Tablet PC, it is no surprise that many laptop users are switching to tablets to capture the benefits of pen-based computing. For those of you who are considering making the switch, you might find some useful tidbits of information below.

Let’s start with resources. There are a couple of places to find information on Tablet PCs. Gottabemobile has a plethora of useful information when it comes to Tablets and other mobile devices. Especially cool – the “Ink Shows” – video reviews that cover hardware and software related to Tablet PCs. They also have editorials, podcasts, a user community, and more. Another favorite site is TabletPc2. Here you will find quick access to the hardware manufacturers that provide solutions for the tablet community. There are also useful reviews and tips and tricks.

Next, let’s discuss your basic options – slate, convertible, ruggedized, Wacom, or UMPC. To keep things simple – a slate is a tablet without a keyboard, a convertible is a Tablet with a keyboard, ruggedized means the tablet can withstand some pretty harsh conditions (4′ drop to concrete, water submersion, etc.), Wacom Tablet is a display/monitor with pen-based input, and the UMPC is a mini tablet (usually 7″ screen or less). The option best for you depends on your needs .

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