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BlueBeam Revu for the Tablet PC InkShow



It is always a good thing when new software for the Tablet PC hits the market. Such is the case with BlueBeam Revu for the Tablet PC.

Bb-TabletPCBlueBeam Revu is an application that lets you view, markup, and edit PDF documents using your Tablet PC. There are a lot of things that BlueBeam has done that are specifically tailored to the Tablet PC user. From a built-in TIP, to searching ink in the PDF, to a high quality zooming and panning function.The best one, in my opinion, the ability to store ink components in a tool set and re-use them later in other pdf documents. For people who mark up a lot of documents or use specialized editing symbols, that is a killer function.

There are a couple of features they could improve upon, like offering a lasso tool for selecting ink, and improving upon their highlightng. However, in my opinion, if you spend a lot of time in PDFs working with large documents, using the same type of mark-up symbols over and over again, zooming in and out frequently, then you need to take a serious look at BlueBeam. If you need to sign a pdf document every now and then, and mostly work with smaller pdf documents, then I think PDF Annotator is a better solution for the money at $49.

There is a lot more to this application than what I demoed. My intent in this InkShow was to cover the features that would matter to a Tablet PC user. I’d encourage you to dig deeper into the product to learn everything it can do. It is a full-featured application.

So, sit back and take a look at BlueBeam Revu for the Tablet PC and see if this PDF annotating software could be for you. My apologies for the high resolution — I recorded this on a test M400 and forgot to change the resolution before doing the recording. Live and learn

Price: $99

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