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Bluebeam Revu for the Tablet PC



It is always a good day when you find something new.

I recently ran across a product that I had never heard of before: Bluebeam Revu for the Tablet PC

Bluebeam Revu is a PDF annotation tool with features designed specifically for Tablet PC users while using Office or CAD applications. It sells for $99 and they have a 30 day trial available.

I am downloading it right now and plan to do an InkShow on it soon. Meanwhile, checkout these features and screen shots from the Bluebeam website:

BbRevu-profilemenuProfiles – Bluebeam comes with a Default and Tablet profile setting to make it easy to switch your interface between different views. Customize your profiles to suit your needs or create multiple profiles.

BbRevu-markupmenuMarkup – Markup tools are located to the right of the main desktop workspace for quick access. The high-resolution Pen and Highlight tools make it easy to comment on a document with freehand text or diagrams. Use the top of the Pen as an eraser and delete any unwanted Pen marks. Lines, clouds, and images are within a few clicks.

Navigation – Bluebeam uses tabbed navigation, making it easy to open and review multiple PDF files simultaneously. Double tap on the workspace and a zoom control will appear. Simply slide your pen up/down to zoom in/out.

Bb-TabletPC-peninputFree Text – The Free Text markup tool makes use of a pen input panel with text recognition when adding a Free Text, Callout, or Leader Line annotation. Write on the upper half of the input panel and the text will appear in the lower half. Use the caps lock and all your text will appear in upper case. A delete, backspace, return, and space button are included to make editing a breeze. An additional benefit with these types of annotations is that they are all text searchable.

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