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Bluebeam shares a lot of Tablet PC love (including some “free” love)



motion_tabletThis month’s edition of Bluebeam Insider, the official newsletter of Bluebeam Software, is loaded with Tablet PC love.

At the top of their list is a Q&A with two real world users of Revu, their PDF creation and editing tool, on their Tablet PCs. Both are architects who use a Lenovo x61 and a Motion J3400, respectively, with glowing experiences using the products (one more than the other).

Announced is a partnership with Motion Computing to offer Bluebeam PDF Revu on Motion’s Tablet PCs. To celebrate, they’re offering “The Ultimate Field Mobility Bundle” at a discount of $550. The bundle includes a Motion J3400 Tablet PC with View Anywhere ® display, Intel ® Coreâ„¢2 Duo processor, 64GB SSD and 4 GB RAM; a J3400 Mobile Keyboard; an additional battery; and, of course, Bluebeam PDF Revu Software. Promo ends Sept. 30, 2009.

Finally, their Ask Greg segment is entitled “Tablets: The benefits of using Revu with a Tablet PC.” It’s a solid run-through of Tablet PC basics and how they apply to Revu, specifically how to get around the software without a keyboard. It closes with a link to a contest to win your very own J3400. Lot of Tablet PC love throughout.

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