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Bluelounge Milo Smartphone Stand: A Fantastic and Elegant Accessory



The Bluelounge Milo smartphone stand does one thing, and does it really well in a simple and inexpensive way. Bluelounge calls it a micro-stand because it’s small and lightweight. We call it simply great!

Get the stand in one of four color combinations with silver, black and white in two tones made of a smooth hard plastic plus aluminum. The part that fastens to the back of a user’s smartphone or small tablet feels like adhesive, but it really uses what they call micro-suction.

The stand works great for watching video on a smartphone in either portrait or landscape. The user could Skype or Facetime with friend or family with the Milo.

milo smart phone stand

We wish that the stand adjusted to offer different viewing angles. That said, the angle it gives us works well for most situations.

milo back

Bluelounge only charges $14.95, a nice change from most Apple-focused accessories. Makers often charge a little more assuming Apple users will pay.


While the stand includes the Apple styling and design look and feel, it works with other devices. The micro-suction adheres to any smooth surface. It holds tight and takes some effort to remove the phone or tablet.

milo micro suction

While not in use the micro-suction will collect dust and debris. Cleaning with a damp cloth, using only water to moisten it, will bring back the Milo’s stickiness.

milo with phone in portrait

It’s had to find anything to complain about with the Milo. The construction feels sturdy and works great. We hope they make one that holds the iPad, or other larger tablets. In a pinch the iPad mini will stand up on the Milo in landscape mode. It falls over in portrait, however, so we’d like a bigger one to work with 7-10 inch tablets. Since the only complaint we can offer is that we want another one for other products, then that says a lot about the quality of a product.

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