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Bluetooth and USB Keyboards In The News



FabrickeyboadBluetooth and USB keyboards have been in the news lately. There has been a lot of talk about the incredible pricing of the Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Keyboard, which was at one point on sale at Amazon for $64. (It is now at $76, still a good deal.) In fact, I’ve picked one up and will be posting an Inkshow about it soon. But there are some other mobile and portable keyboards making news as well.

jkOnTheRun is showing off some photos from Pocket PC Solutions about Eleksen’s Fabric Keyboard. Engadget also has some info. This keyboard also doubles as a carrying case for a UMPC or other device. Interesting.

And JKK is posting info in the Origami Project forums that about a new bluetooth keyboard from Nokia that works well with the TabletKiosk UMPCs. (I’m guessing it does with others as well.)  The Nokia SU-8W Wireless Keyboard.

So, it looks like there are several highly mobile options out there for those thinking about a Ultra-Mobile PC, who might have been scared off by all the talk about UMPCs not having a keyboard.

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