Bluetooth Hapifork for iPhone counts bites
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Bluetooth Hapifork for iPhone Counts Your Bites



The Hapifork is a new electronic fork that counts your bits during meals to help users measure how fast and how much they are eating.

If you eat your lunch too fast, the Hapifrok will vibrate so you can slow down and eat at a healthier pace.

The Hapifork comes in two configurations, Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth Hapifork syncs with the iPhone app for tracking at the dinner table and the USB Hapifork syncs data through a computer to the website.

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The company behind Hapifork hopes this app-enabled accessory will help users avoid bad digestion and weight gain that comes with eating too fast. The Hapifork has sensors in the handle of the device that measure how quickly meals are eaten and the volume of food.


One of the drawbacks of the device is that it does not focus on the amount of calories that you are consuming, it is more centered around the idea of how many “fork servings” you have had. This may be a deal breaker for those who are serious about getting back into shape or watching their weight. Still the Hapifork data is helpful for users that want to focus on slowing down at meal times and eating less.

Hapifrok also features a coaching feature to help users start healthier eating habits, by backing up good eating habits and results with data. The app also awards achievements and points to keep up the motivation.

The USB  Hapifork will be available in the second quarter of 2013 for $99, and the bluetooth model will not be available until 2014, which is to say it may never see the light of day. For those who want to use the device with everything they eat, there is also a spoon version on the way.

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