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Bluetooth Headphones Causing Audio Lag on Macs



If you’re using Bluetooth headphones with your Mac and the video and audio are slightly out of sync, you’re not alone. Many Mac users have been reporting recently that Bluetooth headphones they have connected to their Macs are causing some audio sync problems.

Numerous posts on Apple’s support forums point to problems with Bluetooth audio creating lag when watching videos on Mac. Most users have been complaining about video being just a few moments ahead of the audio, which doesn’t seem to be a major issue, but it’s an annoyance that’s causing a lot of frustration.

The problem seems to be occurring with any brand of Bluetooth headphones, and many users blame it on OS X Yosemite, since it hasn’t seemed to occur much in OS X Mavericks. Also, while some users say it’s an issue on older Macs that don’t have Bluetooth 4.0, many users running newer Macs that have Bluetooth 4.0 built-in are also reporting having the same problem with their Bluetooth headphones.

Some users also report having this problem on their iOS devices as well, meaning that it’s not just a Mac problem for the most part.

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There have been suggestions for fixes, but there hasn’t been anything solid to permanently fix the issue. Many users say that disconnecting and reconnecting their Bluetooth headphones (or just turning off Bluetooth and turning back on) fixes the issue temporarily, but eventually the audio gets out of sync again and the problem comes back.

Obviously, simply playing music or using the headphones for phone calls works just fine, since there’s no video to sync to, but when watching movies or YouTube videos, the audio will lag behind a bit.

I can confirm this myself, as my Plantronics Backbeat Pro Bluetooth headphones sometimes get out of sync while watching YouTube videos, and disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones usually fixes the problem, but only temporarily. Furthermore, it seems that doing other things on my Mac while watching YouTube videos aggravates the issue, while simply sitting their watching the videos will usually keep it calm.

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It’s frustrating to say the least, especially if you spend a pretty penny on a pair of Bluetooth headphones and can’t really use them without frustration. Hopefully a permanent fix for this issue comes up soon, but we wouldn’t count on it exactly.

Of course, OS X Yosemite hasn’t been without its fair share of problems with users, and while many of them are fairly easy to fix, there are still some that are frustrating users without a permanent fix to be found.

WiFi problems have been a big issue for OS X Yosemite users. Apple recently released a minor update for OS X Yosemite in the form of version 10.10.1, which aimed to fix those pesky WiFi problems that many users have been experiencing, as we expected, but it seems that the update isn’t quite working out for some users.

Ever since the release of OS X Yosemite, many users have taken to Apple’s Support Forums to state their displeasure about WiFi problems with the new operating system, and it seems Apple heard them loud and clear, as version 10.10.1 that was released yesterday explicitly aims to fix WiFi problems for Mac users, but it’s actually been anything but.



  1. Mark Doucet

    01/03/2015 at 7:02 am

    Apple really needs to spend some time to sort these Bluetooth issues out for the customers. I too have tried multiple Bluetooth headsets and none of them work without the Audio lag when watching videos. I am sticking with wired headphones until someone comes up with a solid fix.

  2. Just Sayin

    09/16/2016 at 10:49 pm

    Everyone seems to keep saying this is a new issue with yosemite. But I had this problem 2 years ago when I was still running Snow Leopard and using my bluetooth headphones. which is why I still use my wired headphones. I figured it was just a bluetooth thing. Is this not a problem on Windows computers too?

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