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BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus Review



BodyGuardz makes nice accessories for protecting your iPhone 7 Plus. This includes the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector. It’s a shield on top of the iPhone 7 Plus screen. It withstands some punishment to keep your phone’s screen free of scratches, nicks or even breaks.

A tempered glass screen protector keeps your iPhone 7 Plus and other smartphone screens protected better than any other screen protection option available. We’ve tried the plastic kind that are easier to install. They don’t feel right and don’t protect as well as a glass screen protector. We’ve also tried spray-on screen protectors and they don’t really work.


Glass screen protectors all work about the same after they’re installed. However, the installation system sets one protector apart from another. So how easily does the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus go on? We’ll let you know in this quick review.

Why Use BodyGuardz Pure Tempered Glass

What makes “tempered glass” better than an ordinary screen protector. The folks at BodyGuardz explain it in this video.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector Installation Prep

Any glass screen protector installation will take a few preparatory steps. First, wash your hands really well to make sure you get rid of the dirt and dry skin that could get in between the phone and the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector.

Second, clean the phone. The BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector, like most of these, comes with a lint free cloth. It doesn’t come with a moist wipe, like many of the others. You should get some good wipes that are safe to use on your electronics.


I like the big box of 200 Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes sold at WalMart for about $15. I use these on my glasses, computer screens, and phones.

Clean the screen thoroughly and then wipe it with the lint-free cloth that comes with the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector. Lay your lint free cloth on the screen until you’re ready to install the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector on the screen. This keeps any more dust or dirt from falling on the screen.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector Installation

Now it’s time to install the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Class Screen Protector on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Fasten the suction cup that comes in the package to the side that won’t stick to the phone. It’s the one that’s not labelled with a “1”. I’ve installed a few of these and usually the 1 means take this off first. Instead of doing as the instructions said, I immediately removed the one marked with a “1” before putting the suction cup on the screen protector. Don’t do that. Put the suction cup on before removing any of the protective plastic. Also, put it on the side opposite the marked protective plastic.


Once you’ve attached the suction cup, you’re ready to line up the screen protector on the iPhone 7 Plus screen. Remove the lint free cloth and lay the screen protector on the screen. Test it first without removing the protective plastic film, just to see how it fits.

Once you get an idea of how it will fit, give the screen another polish with the lint cloth. Lay the phone down on a firm flat surface. Use the included DUST REMOVAL STICKER to pull off any dust that you might see on the phone, even after all this careful cleaning and polishing.

Remove the protective film with the “1” on it and carefully hold the screen protector above the phone. Slowly lower it in place. Keep an eye on the cutouts for the phone’s button and for the speaker on the other end of the front of the iPhone 7 Plus. Press the screen protector in place.


Pull the tab on the protective plastic film. Use the lint free cloth to push out any bubbles you might see under the screen. Push hard and push towards the closest edge. Don’t worry if the bubbles don’t all go away. They will dissipate over time. If you can’t push them all out, press the suction cup in place over the bubble. Pull up from the corner nearest the bubble. Press down moving from the center of the glass protector towards the corner you lifted.

Now clean off the BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector and you’ve finished the installation. Go register with BodyGuardz so that you can get a free replacement. If you break or scratch the screen protector that’s protecting your phone’s screen, then BodyGuardz promises lifetime free replacements. In this case, lifetime means the life of the phone.

Evaluation of BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector


First, I love tempered glass screen protectors and won’t use any other kind. They’re a commodity. They all seem to work the same once they’re installed. The BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector seems as good as the others I’ve used. However, the installation process is the key difference maker.

The system BodyGuardz uses with this new BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector doesn’t seem as easy as their earlier system. Watch the video below to see how much easier the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz system works, compared to the above method of installation.

However, if the user carefully follows the instructions and makes certain there’s no dirt or dust on the phone, they can get a good installation and it will work great afterwards.

The BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector costs $44.95 direct from BodyGuardz. You can get it on Amazon for $30, but not on Prime. The one listed as a Prime listing shows it out of stock for $32.


I like the dust removal stickers and the suction cup included to help with installation. I wish they used the older plastic box system seen in the video above and I wish they included moist wipes for those who don’t have the WalMart wipes mentioned above.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. bryan

    01/09/2017 at 12:05 am

    The bodyguardz gives the fall protection but the gaps make the display look uglier. It’s better to stay with an edge to edge film protector like the ones from the Gadgetshieldz as now.

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