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CES 2013

BodyGuardz Pure Glass Joins Glass Screen Protector Trend



Glass iPhone 5 screen protectors are one of the most popular iPhone 5 accessories we saw at CES 2013. Unlike traditional screen protectors, a glass screen protector is one that comes with some questions and confusion. Due to the fact that the idea of cases and other protectors is to protect the already existing glass front of the phone, many users probably wonder what adding another layer of glass would do?

But glass screen protectors seem to have a new and unique solution to keeping the front display protected from damage. The BodyGuardz Pure Glass, for example, is made out of a specialized tempered glass that, according to them, rivals the hardness of steel. The glass also has a smudge resistant coating paired with scratch protection.

BodyGuardz Pure Glass

It may be tough, but other users might worry that BodyGuardz Pure Glass doesn’t let their screen appear as clear. This is especially important for the retina display of the iPhone 5, as users would not want to limit screen quality.

Pure Glass has this covered, as the clarity is just as good without the Pure Glass as it is when it is applied. In comparison to the typical plastic screen protector the glass actually offers a better viewing experience. Another nice feature of the glass is that it has the same feel of the original screen. A lot of people may like the idea of screen protectors but do not like the way they feel on their screen once applied. By using the Pure Glass this problem is avoided.

In terms of pricing and availability the Pure Glass is available now from BodyGuardz for $39.95.

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