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The Boomerang, which gets the name from the shape it takes when folded up, attaches to the back of an iPad and lets the user work with an iPad either on a table top as a stand or mounted in the car for navigation, on a wall as a kiosk or on a fridge as a community message board.

XVIDA, the designers of the Boomerang, put their project on Kickstarter with hopes of getting enough funding to bring the accessory to market.

The Boomerang project will continue taking pledges until December 12 at 8:39am EST and doesn’t offer a target shipping date.

Boomerang Features


First, it works as a stand. Attach the Boomerang to the iPad 2, New iPad 3rd generation or 4th generation iPad with Retina Display. The magnets will grab hold of the back of the aluminum iPad firmly and won’t let go. The Boomerang looks like an X on the back of the iPad with a powerful magnet in the center of it.

boomerang headrest mount

Various mounting accessories connect to the magnet on the back of the Boomerang. The accessories at launch will include the following:

  • Multi Mount – serves as a wall mount with one side attaching to the Boomerang’s magnet and the other side adheres to any smooth surface using a strong tape or with a screw
  • Headrest Mount – grabs hold of the headrest so the iPad can work like a backseat video for streaming
  • Air-Vent Mount – grabs hold of the air vent in the car to use the iPad as a navigation tool
  • Suction Cup Mount – suction cups grab hold of windshield or window in a car for heads up navigation system in the car or for a kiosk at an office or business with glass doors or windows
  • Table Stand – an aluminum stand that holds the iPad at a useful angle for working with iPad for typing, viewing video or showing of pictures working in both portrait or landscape modes

boomerang table mount

Kickstarter Campaign for Boomerang

The campaign goal sits at $40,000 just over $27,000 raised already as of this writing. With just 12 days to go, they need under $13,000 to fund the project.

boomerang air vent

Would-be backers can fund the project at the following levels:

  • $1 – gets a postcard and future updates
  • $20 – get a choice of the Headrest, Suction Cup, Air Vent or two Multi Mounts but no Boomerang so the user will have to back this and the higher level that gets a Boomerang
  • $49 – get all the above except the two Multi Mounts
  • $50 – a Table Stand only
  • $55 – first backing level that gets the early bird backer an actual Boomerang and one Multi Mount – SOLD OUT!
  • $65 – Same as $55 level for those that didn’t get in on the early bird deal
  • $75 – Boomerang plus either a Headrest Mount, Air Vent Mount or a Suction Cup Mount
  • $85 – Boomerang plus a Multi Mount and choice of the Headrest Mount, Air Vent Mount or Suction Cup Mount
  • $105 – Boomerang plus a Tablet Stand
  • $165 – One of each Mount plus an extra Multi Mount and the actual Boomerang – LIMITED NUMBER!

boomerang multi mount


boomerang table stand 2

As with all Kickstarter projects the backer takes a risk. Some Kickstarter projects take longer than expected and others never finish production. The backer may lose all of their “investment” and should understand that from the start. Here’s what the project creator says about the risks:

As far as the risks …we have already overcome the biggest one: feasibility. Boomerang is extremely slim and light; we spent over six months in development and research just to establish whether it is feasible to manufacture it at a sustainable cost. So the only remaining risk is the project (not) getting funded. It would wipe away thousands of hours of work and dollars. It would really be a shame.

boomerang suction cup

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