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Booq Shadow Review: Amazing Messenger Bag



The Booq Shadow is the first messenger bag I’ve really enjoyed using for extended periods.

Delivering a perfect mix of form, function and size, the Booq Shadow allows me to carry everything I need to work, and includes enough room for a change of clothes when I get adventurous outdoors.

Available for $130 in black and $160 in grey, the Booq Shadow is affordable, and yet still very well made and designed.

Many messenger bags I’ve tried to use were not comfortable for long periods of wear, and it holds everything I need to work in handy easy to organize pockets.

The Booq Shadow is an excellent messenger bag.

The Booq Shadow is an excellent messenger bag.

The Booq Shadow messenger bag fits a laptop up to 15-inches inside a padded compartment that keeps your laptop suspended in the middle of the bag so when you set the bag down, your laptop isn’t bouncing off hard surfaces all the time.

I normally carry a 13-inch MacBook Pro or a 12-inch MacBook in it and both fit perfectly. A small elastic loop holds the laptop in place so you can open the bag without worrying that your laptop will fall out. I also occasionally carry an iPad Pro 9.7 in this section as well.

There is an open inner section where you can put a book, a change of gym clothes or something else small. This isn’t large enough to make it an overnight bag, but it’s large enough that I can carry what i need even if I am going to change and get dirty outside or in a gym.

Fit what you need for the day in your bag.

Fit what you need for the day in your bag.

A large Zipper pouch on the front section is the perfect place to store chargers, cables, headphones and other miscellaneous items. It’s zips closed so these won’t go anywhere, but you can still unbuckle one of the straps and gain access without taking your bag off.

A small zipper on the side of the bag opens to a perfect place to store your phone or a battery pack to charge the phone in your pocket.

A final large zipper pack on the back allows you to carry papers, magazines or other small items with pouch for a phone or other small item. A small lip covers this zipper to keep water out.

I love the small carry handle for when i don't really need to use a shoulder strap.

I love the small carry handle for when i don’t really need to use a shoulder strap.

You can use the small lip as a carry handle, which is great for carrying the bag short distances where it doesn’t make sense to put the bag over your shoulder. The strap is comfortable, with a small padded section that fits on your shoulder while allowing the strap some movement to keep the bag in place on your back or at your side.

The bag fits comfortably while walking, heading to a coffee shop or while biking around town. I normally don’t enjoy messenger bags, but the fit and finish of this bag made it a joy to use. I like that it is very easy to reach the bag without taking it off, which is handy when you are making a quick stop and need to check your phone or plug into an external battery.

One other handy feature on the Booq Shadow is a sewn in ID that you can register online, so that if someone finds your bag they can return it to you.

The Booq Shadow messenger bag is $130 on Booq in nylon black and $160 for the gray fiber version.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brandon

    09/21/2016 at 11:58 am

    My Booq bag was not sewn well and the nylon began to fray. The Booq customer service was less than helpful in replacing and did not seem surprised at the short life.

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