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Mobile – Technology News: Skipjack’s uncorks digital ‘Wine Skipper’ steward



BostonheraldThis should be in every restaurant. 

This is such a great use of a Tablet PC, and I do not just mean for wine ordering, I mean for the entire menu.  At minimum the wait staff should be using them, but being able to hand them to a customer would be incredible.  Can you imagine seeing a steaming hot version of the meal choices?  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Here is what the Boston Herald had to say:

“The Skipjack’s seafood chain has introduced the Wine Skipper at its Boston restaurant. The wireless PC tablet helps customers figure out which wines are dry or sweet, and which ones pair well with the wasabi-crusted salmon versus the Jamaican-jerked mahi mahi.     The portable Wine Skipper is available for diners’ use at their tables. It’s linked to the Skipjack’s Web site, and a click on “favorites” sends one to an alphabetized list of the restaurant’s 150 or so wine selections. From there, customers can link to wineries, descriptions of their wines, and reviews by oenophile Robert Parker Jr. and Wine Spectator magazine”

This also would be agreat application for an Ultra-Mobile PC.  Little battery life required, little typing needed, just portability and wirless connection.

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