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Mobile Sync Is Coming



image In this article on sync / cloud storage options, I offered up several solutions. One of those cloud storage options was, which unfortunately doesn’t yet support synchronization with a pc or mac. According to’s Sean Lindo, that is about to change.

During a conversation that covered everything from the challenges of “cloud computing” to their competitors to tablet pcs, Lindo told me they are indeed working on a sync application. They will be releasing a PC client first, with a Mac client to follow later on. He didn’t offer up any timing, but all indications point to “soon”. Lindo told me they are spending a lot of time on the end-to-end experience, aiming to improve upon what their competitors are offering.

In addition, is also working on iPhone and Android applications that will allow uses to view the files stored in their folder. Their aim is to offer you access to your files from whatever device you happen to be using at the time.


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