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Braven BRV-Pro Modular Bluetooth Speaker Hands-On



This week at CES 2015 one of our favorite Bluetooth speaker manufacturers released an all-new rugged yet modular speaker called the Braven BRV-Pro. This is essentially one of the most durable and rugged Bluetooth speakers around, and now is modular to change as you need it. It’s the Swiss Army knife of Bluetooth speakers.

Last year the company had a rather impressive lineup of new speakers, and even won some awards, so we weren’t sure how they’d top it in 2015. However, they’ve done just that with a neat (and smaller) speaker in 2015 that adapts as you need it to, all thanks to a modular design and multiple accessories.

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Braven is one of our favorite Bluetooth speaker brands, for multiple reasons aside from quality sound output, and the new BRV-Pro may be one of their best options yet. We managed to get a few minutes on the CES floor to check it out, see some of the modular accessories, and even listen to some tunes.


While a busy showroom floor at CES isn’t the ideal environment to try and listen to music and sound quality, it still sounded rather impressive from the few minutes we had with it. To make things even better, you can now simply stack Braven BRV-Pro speakers on top of each other using one of the modular accessories and double your sound output. So buy two, or if a friend brings one along you can get an even richer audio experience.

The Braven BRV-Pro, like many of their speakers, is extremely durable and rugged. It features an IPX7 certification making it dust, drop, and water resistant, and now you can enjoy all of that while adding accessories using their new modular design.


Braven’s new speaker has a built in 2,220mAh battery capable of blasting tunes for up to 20 hours, or charging your smartphone if you’re in a pinch and need some battery. To make things even better, the modular design addresses this area too. Offering an additional 2,800mAh battery pack attachment (for an additional cost) as one of the many modular options, and even a fold-out solar panel for charging. This means you can charge it on the go, and then listen to music or charge your smartphone while camping. It’s truly the Swiss Army Knife of speakers and the perfect camping companion.

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Braven also offers a screw on plate that enables the stacking or speaker “multiplier” mentioned above, as well as a glow deck plate that uses the battery to make this speaker double as a lantern. Again, all about camping and the wild outdoors here.

Other accessories include a GoPro compatible action mount like you see in our images letting the Braven BRV-Pro attach to a dirt bike, and even a Qi Wireless Charging Pad to power all your Qi-compatible devices like the Nexus 6, DROID Turbo, and more.

All the accessories were extremely easy to add or remove with a few simple screws, but someone camping with as little gear as possible might find this setup a bit too much. Swapping them on the go isn’t ideal, but also not very hard either. It’s nice to have all these options, and the Pro will still work wonderfully as a simple rugged Bluetooth speaker and portable charger. You can never have too many options.

The Braven BRV-Pro hits stores this summer for $149, and the accessories for the modular design range anywhere from $29 to $49 a piece.

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