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BRAVEN BRV PRO Rugged Modular Speaker Rocks Extra Battery, Solar Charger



BRAVEN, one of our favorite Bluetooth speaker brands, introduced the BRV-PRO at CES 2015. The BRV-PRO can be mounted to all-terrain vehicles and outfitted with accessories ranging from solar panels to GoPro mounts.

At first glance the BRV-PRO might just look like another Bluetooth speaker, but if it’s anything like BRAVEN’s previous outdoor speaker, it’s something to get really excited about. ¬†Last year’s BRV-X outdoor speaker felt solid and sounded great, earning one of GottaBeMobile’s Best of CES 2014 awards.


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The BRV-PRO has an aggressive appearance that hints at its rugged nature. It’s aircraft-grade aluminum and rugged construction allow it to stand up to water, dust, shocks and drops.

Its built-in 2,200 mAh battery lasts for up to 20 hours on a single charge. If that’s not enough, you can attach a BRV Battery pack that adds 2,800 mAh of power and doubles as a smartphone charger. Those who plan on using the BRV-PRO off the grid for extended periods can opt for the BRV Folding Solar Panel to charge the device in the great outdoors.

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If one BRV-PRO isn’t loud enough for your outdoor adventures or parties, you can gang multiple speakers together to multiply music volume. BRAVEN will soon sell a kit that makes it easy to stack multiple BRV-PRO speakers together.

The BRV-PRO will sell for $149.99. Accessories will cost $29.99 to $49.99 starting in the second quarter of 2015.

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