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Bringing an M1300 Tablet PC Back To Life



Wow. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Forum member SegalSegal had a Motion Computing M1300 Tablet PC that wouldn’t power up. Thanks to some past history with a similar problem, other forum members stepped in and showed him how to get his much beloved slate tablet pc back up and running. It is amazing how ChrisParis and bmhome1 were able to diagnose his exact problem without having seen the machine. Just goes to show the value of community….

Here is a great line, and it means more when you know SegalSegal is a doctor and that he previously called Motion and was directed to:

I called Motion and was directed to their “End of life” message line (they really call it that), which did not sound auspicious.

then…when nearing the solution…

Thanks for the advice; I’ll give this a try.  So far I’ve only brought people back from the dead, but that gives me the confidence to try on a computer.

then…after it powered back up:

Thanks to all who helped.  In contrast to Motion’s “end of life” line, the GBM forums are a lifeline.

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