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Matt posted a very interesting question this morning asking why readers use a particular browser. The responses have been fascinating to read.

I thought it would be fun to post the percentage of browsers and OS versions that are being used while visiting GBM. I was pretty surprised to find that only 22% of our readers are using Vista, while 48% of our readers are still using XP, more than a year after Vista has been released. That Firefox number looks pretty darn strong, too.

I’ll have to dig in to find out what that Unknown is in both browser and OS, but I think it might have something to do with RSS.

IE 46.48%
Firefox 30.92%
Unknown 14.23%
Netscape 3.39%
Safari 2.61%
Opera 2.37%
Operating Systems  
Win XP 48.24%
Win Vista 21.62%
Unknown 18.62%
Mac OS X 4.73%
Linux 3.23%
Win 2000 1.35%
Win 2003 1.34%
Win CE .5%
Win 98 .37%
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