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Snag a Disposable Phone Number with Burner



A new iPhone app makes it easy to get and throw away phone numbers without buying prepaid phones or using Google Voice.

The new app is Burner, and it lets users buy new phone numbers that act just like a regular phone number. From the app users can use their temporary numbers to call and text other people without ever giving out their real phone number.

The phone numbers aren’t free, but they are relatively cheap. The app uses credits to pay for the numbers, and credits are available through in-app purchases. Users can buy 25 credits for $11.99, but those credits will go a long way as the cheapest Burner number costs five credits for 30 days, 50 voice minutes, and 150 SMS messages.

The app is perfect for selling items on Craigslist so the user doesn’t have to give out a permanent number. It’s also great for dating, users just buy a Burner number and give that to their potential romantic partner. If everything goes well, users can give out their real number when they think the time is right.Burner

Burner sounds like a great idea, and we’re sure many users can find their own uses for the app. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to give out a number that can be disposed of easily. Sometimes all that’s needed is a phone number that will work for a few days, weeks, or even hours. The app can get expensive if used often, but it should still be worthwhile for some users.

Burner requires a phone connection, so it won’t work on the iPod touch or iPad.

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