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Burnout Crash! Review: Burnout Arrives on iPad and iPhone



Burnout Crash! crashed onto the iPad and iPhone with a $4.99 price tag and a number of bugs, but delivers a fun gaming experience for crash-happy Burnout fans.

Burnout Crash! for the iPad and iPhone attempts to bring the crash happy fun of proper Burnout games to the iPad, but hits a few speed bumps along the way.

Burnout fans won’t find the graphics rich explosion filled gameplay of Burnout: Revenge, but the top down gameplay offers fun gameplay for users that love crashing cars.

Burnout Crash! for iPad and iPhone Video Review

Burnout Crash offers 6 themed areas with 3 intersections in each area. Each intersection offers a different layout and a new challenge for blowing up traffic before it leaves the field of play. Gamers face the same three challenges at each intersection.

Burnout Crash Review - iPhone-iPad game types

Burnout Crash offers 54 levels, but only 3 game types.

In Rush Hour gamers must crash as many cars as possible to score destruction damages. Buildings are also destructible, and often the target of an objective.

In Pile Up, players need to crash as much traffic as possible before activating Inferno mode. Every car that escapes takes away from the Inferno multiplier. Once time is up, crash into cars and buildings to set them on fire.

Road Block tasks players with a similar objective, but each car that escapes takes away from the power of a feature or super feature. These features range from a good cop road block to a tornado and even a meteor shower.

Burnout Crash Review - iPhone-iPad intersection

The intersections change, offering a new challenge for gamers.

These basic game types repeat in different themed areas with different intersections for the entirety of the game. The varied intersections, objectives add special destructions help extend the re-playability of the game.

I enjoy playing Burnout Crash on the iPad, even with the current bugs, but I’m a Burnout addict. The  game presents enough challenges to keep me interested through the six levels and intersections thanks to the sound effects, challenges and new vehicles.

There are not great in-game soundtracks to pump gamers up for the crash, but a limited number of voiceovers and specials, like “Paging Dr. Beats!” that will get a chuckle. Explosions sound great as do the jackpot slot machines sounds, if users can get past the annoying spring noise every time players swipe across the screen.

Burnout Crash Review - iPhone-iPad Cars

Gamers choose from a variety of un-lockable cars with different strengths.

Burnout Crash works on the iPad and iPhone, but does not use iCloud to sync progress between the two devices so gamers will need to replay levels to progress on each device. Burnout Crash looks good on the iPad, but some textures look poor on the new iPad’s Retina Display. The small screen of the iPhone makes it difficult to see the entire intersection while swiping.

Surprisingly Burnout Crash! has a number of bugs. While these bugs don’t often get in the way fo playing the game, they are annoying. The app is compatible with GameCenter, but it is not working for most users. Another issue is the lag that happens when an intersection first loads.

Because of the repetitive gameplay Burnout Crash is a tough recommendation at $5. Gamers hungry for a Burnout game on the iPad will find enjoyment here, but casual gamers, that may tire of repetitive  gameplay, should consider waiting for one of EA’s frequent app sales, where Burnout Crash will likely cost $0.99.


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