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Business Week Reviews The Asus R2H



Great to see publications like Business Week reviewing Ultra-Mobile PCs. That said, they need to dig a little deeper before going to press. Calling the the Asus R2H “A Geek’s Dream Come True” and giving it 4 and 1/2 stars grabs your attention, but there really is nothing in the review (other than a passing reference to the series of Tablet PC and UMPC reviews) that would indicate that the R2H has tablet and touch capability. That’s disappointing because I think the excellent inking experience on the R2H is one of its biggest selling ponts. It is also surpising as the reviewer raves about the multiple navigation options and while the review mentions a stylus as one option, touch is left out of the equation.

I will agree with the reviewer about some of the included software (especially the camera app) not being that intuitive.

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