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BusinessWeek on Tablet PCs – they are now turbocharged



BusinessWeek’s Stephen Wildstrom is high on Tablet PCs after seeing how Vista has greatly improved the Tablet PC experience. In addition to covering some of the improvements, Wildstrom also covers the newest tablet pcs – the Toshiba R400, the HP TX1000, and Lenovo’s X60.

It is good to see the mainstream columnists start to get the Tablet PC picture and actually know what they are talking about in regards to Tablet PC features and functionality. Good job, Stephen.

Here are a couple of quotes from Wildstrom. I’d encourage you to read the whole article.

The Tablet software, which lets you replace the mouse and keyboard with a pen and allows you to write or draw directly on the screen, gets two critical improvements in Vista. First, handwriting recognition actually works, meaning that you rarely have to resort to the clunky on-screen keyboard.

….I find that I mostly use these convertible notebooks with the keyboard, but there are chores—photo editing, to pick one—that are a lot easier to do with a pen. Now that pen support is built into Windows, I suspect a lot of laptops will become more useful by gaining Tablet features.

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