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Hardware reviews the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC



Gaining ever more popularity since it’s release in November of 2006, writer Ian Sager gives the Lenovo X60 tablet pc four out of five stars in this recent review. I is really nice to see more and more articles on Tablet PC and UMPC technology being written by mainstream publications. Check this one out…

“…The X60 has a number of impressive features. As with the X41, the X60 has a 12-in. XGA screen. But unlike the earlier version, it also boasts touch-screen capabilities, letting users manipulate the screen using either a stylus or a finger.

Another handy feature: the Active Rotate System. When in tablet mode, the X60 automatically detects any changes in rotation or angle and adjusts the picture from landscape to portrait and back. Turn the screen on its side, and the picture changes accordingly. Other tablet PCs require manual adjustments. This was extremely useful as I took notes during meetings.

Writing on the screen when in tablet mode went off without a hitch. The stylus was comfortable, and the Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Vista Tablet software easily deciphered my chicken-scratch handwriting.

Another pleasant surprise came in the form of long battery life. I put the X60 through what I like to call the Airplane! test. Once the unit was fully charged, I turned on the movie, and when its 87 minutes ended the X60 was still going strong.

In fact, it didn’t need to be charged for another hour. On average, the battery life of the X60 was just above three hours. Much of the praise for this long battery life must go to the X60’s extended eight-cell battery, which will cost you $50 and adds heft but is well worth the extra price and burden. …”

Full story here.

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