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About a year ago, I cut back on grocery store trips, as well as time and money spent at the grocery store by using to purchase all kinds of bathroom and drugstore type items. From Tide and deodorant to the conditioner I still think is too expensive (but cheaper than the local store), I do a lot of shopping on

I was excited to find out recently that has an iPhone app that lets me place orders right from my phone, something that is very handy since I usually get asked to order when I am not in front of my computer.

The mobile app even allows me to scan the barcode of items I want to search for.

Now, is selling non perishable groceries. That means you can buy groceries on your iPhone.

This is huge for me. Why?

  1. I hate going to the grocery store (Though a stun gun might help).
  2. I hate spending more than I have to ( has prices that come very close to local supermarket).
  3. All the perishable stuff is in the front of my local store (Don’t have to deal with 90% of the aisles).
  4. Soap offers free 1-2-day shipping on orders of $39.
  5. I don’t have to go to the store (Did I mention this already?).
Buy Groceries On Your iPhone

How to Buy Groceries On Your iPhone

So far, the grocery section isn’t showing up on the iPhone app, but you can find grocery items like canned food, coffee, soups, cereal, snacks, kids food and much more by searching. If you place your order online in a full browser, you will have a better time finding your first set of items. You can then access your lists to repeat orders and even create a fave 5, which nets you 10% off a core group of goods.


You can also use coupons at Some of them will show up on the site and can be added by clicking, but you can also add coupons you clip from your local paper by mailing them in to

Customer Service also has pretty amazing customer service. This past week, my order of Tide, conditioner and shampoo was damaged during delivery. Fedex notified which recreated my order and had it on the way for delivery two days later. I emailed customer service because this meant I would need to go to the store and pay more for a bottle of conditioner. Within a few minutes I received a reply that my account had been credited to help make up for the issue. Most shipments arrive without any issue, but when something goes wrong, you can count on good customer service.


The prices on drugstore type items are competitive for most products in my area, but you do need to watch the size of items. One type of body wash we purchase looked cheaper, but was actually a smaller size than what is sold at our grocery store.

Grocery items appear to be priced pretty good in the areas I spot checked. It is important to note that many times you will be getting multiple packages for one price. For example, you get two boxes of many fo the cereals for the one price. Soups and other items are also often bundled into larger packages.

Before you order everything on your list, it is worth one trip to the store where you compare prices. The barcode scanner makes this even easier if you have an iPhone.

I still have to go to the store, but I spend less money and time when I do go. The free 1-2 day delivery means I don’t have to plan to far ahead either. If you are a new customer, you can use the coupon code SOAPMOBILE for 20% off your first order over 25.


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