Buy LG G3 or wait for the LG G4?

The LG G4 rumors are reaching that fever pitch that only happens within a month or two of a release date prompting friends, family and readers to ask about this new device and the LG G3. The most common question is, “Should I buy the LG G3 or wait for the LG G4 release date?” In this quick look at the important details we try to answer this question for potential buyers.

While it is possible to get stuck in a continual cycle of waiting for the next amazing smartphone to arrive in 2015 and beyond, there are certain times where it makes sense to stop, and wait for a new smartphone release. This period is within one to two months of an announcement and release.

Every buying situation is slightly different, but at this point it’s possible to confidently answer this question and tell buyers about what they should do if they are thinking of buying a LG G3 or waiting for the LG G4 release date.

Here's our advice on if you should buy the LG G3 or wait for the LG G4 release.
Here’s our advice on if you should buy the LG G3 or wait for the LG G4 release.

In the last week LG G4 rumors picked up dramatically to deliver a better look at the upcoming device and rumors still point to a faster release than we saw for the LG G3 in 2014.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 are already confirmed at events in early March and it looks like the LG G4 release date could swing in soon after these two phones arrive on carrier shelves. Until the first of these three new devices arrive it is without a doubt the worst time to buy an Android smartphone. The arrival of the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and LG G4 will deliver new features and will also push the prices of old phones down.

Here is what you need to know about buying the LG G3 today or waiting for the LG G4 release to buy a new phone.

“Should I buy the LG G3 or wait for the LG G4?”

Everyone’s situation is a little different, but with five essential points we’ll help you answer this question, “Should I buy the LG G3 or wait for the LG G4?” In less than five minutes you’ll know if you can go buy a new LG G3 today or if you should wait for the LG G4 release date.

It’s a Short Wait

All signs point to a swift LG G4 release in 2015. Last year the LG G3 arrived in May, but rumors suggest LG plans to announce the LG G4 in April. There is a chance that the LG G4 release date won’t land until May, based on a report that accurately predicted the Galaxy S6 announcement.

Signs suggest the LG G4 release date is close.
Signs suggest the LG G4 release date is close.

Until rumors firm up more we can’t tell you when the exact LG G4 release date is, but the wait is likely four to eight weeks, which is short if you only buy a new phone every two years. If you are buying a new phone more often it is likely to get the newest phone on the market, so you should definitely wait.

If your phone is broken or you cannot wait for another reason the LG G3 is still a good phone, but we’re close enough to the rumored LG G4 release date that many buyers should sit on their cash and wait for the new phone to arrive.

LG G3 Software & Support

When you buy an older phone you get a shorter period of software updates and support. The LG G3 that you buy today still comes with the same warranty as a LG G4, but LG prioritizes updates for newer smartphones and sometimes older devices cannot run the new software updates at the same speed or with the same features as a newer device.

The LG G3 is great, but you'll lose support for upgrades faster than if you own a LG G4.
The LG G3 is great, but you’ll lose support for upgrades faster than if you own a LG G4.

The LG G3 Lollipop update is rolling out now to deliver the latest Android 5.0 update to the year-old device. The LG G4 will arrive with Android Lollipop on board.

A year from now this could quickly change as LG focuses on the LG G4 update and a LG G5 release date in 2016. For further evidence of what could happen look at the LG G2. There is a LG G2 Lollipop release underway in Korea and it should arrive in the U.S. at some point, but it is taking longer than the LG G3 Lollipop update to arrive. It is unlikely the LG G2 will get another major Android update.

If you wait and buy the LG G4 with Android Lollipop you will likely get two more big Android updates instead of just one more like we expect for the LG G3.

LG G3 Deals

It is a bad time to buy the LG G3 at most carriers. When the LG G4 release arrives most carriers will chop the price by $100. At Verizon this is already in play with a $99 LG G3 deal on a two-year contract. At AT&T the LG G3 is $149.

If you need to buy a LG G3 today, the best bet is to go to Amazon where you can buy the LG G3 on a two year contract for just a penny on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Why You Might Wait for the LG G4 Release

The LG G3 is one of the best Android smartphones of 2014, and it is still a device that some of the Gotta Be Mobile team carriers every day, but the LG G4 promises to deliver important new features and a new design. Leaked photos show a stunning LG G4 design, curved back and the signature rear-keys.

Why you should wait for the LG G4 release.
Why you should wait for the LG G4 release.

In February a LG Executive told the KoreaTimes that the LG G4 design will be, “radically different” from the LG G3. Other reports suggest a metal design that will rival the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. The renders show a sharp-looking device that may even feature a curved display of some kind.

In addition to a new look, you can count on other key upgrades from the LG G3 o the LG G4 including;

  • Better Display – 3K or a 2K with smaller bezels.
  • New Materials
  • Improved Cameras on Front and Back
  • New LG UX 4.0
  • Faster Processor and RAM
  • Similar LG G4 Carriers
  • Some rumors suggest the LG G4 could come with a fingerprint sensor or a stylus, but these are still a little too unfounded to count on. In any matter, it certainly looks like the LG G4 specs and design are worth waiting for, even if you only do so to make sure you make the right decision.

Greater Competition

The LG G4 release will arrive near the same window that the HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 release dates land for U.S. carriers. Both of these devices offer a lot of exciting features and options that smart buyers will want to compare.

If you don’t want to wait you can read our Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 comparison to see how these two devices stack up and figure out if you should go hands on with either of these options before you decide on the LG G4 or before you buy a LG G3.

What Should You Do?

We can’t come to the store and smack the debit card out of your hand as you buy a LG G3, but there are a good number of reasons to wait for the LG G4 release before you buy. If you cannot wait, it is a good idea to buy the LG G3 on Amazon where it is just a penny. At that price you get a great phone at an amazing price, but keep in mind that locks you in for two years before the next upgrade.

It is easy to wait and wait and wait for something new. There is even talk of a new LG smartphone for the fall that some people might think of waiting for, but when you get this close to a potential release waiting just makes sense.

If you don’t need to replace a broken phone, and you have the patience, most shoppers should wait for the LG G4 release to buy a new LG phone this year.

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