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Buying Options For the HP 2133 Mini-Note



We upated the HP 2133 Mini-Note review and Inkshow post mid-morning when we found a link to the product page for the HP Mini-Note 2133 and at the time there were a variety of prices (all the way up to $849–which was new news) and starting at $499. I was going to make this post a new reference to that link, but as of the moment only the $599 version is listed as available to be added to your cart. All the other configurations are listed with ‘Buying Options.’ (click on the image below.)


But if you follow this link to HP’s Small & Medium Business Online Store you’ll find that prices starting at $499 and heading up to $749 based on configuration with estimated shipping on April 15 and that shipping is free through April 30. I’m not sure what the instant savings are, because if you add a ‘Smart Buy’ to your cart it is still the same price as listed previously.


I’m thinking HP is shaking out a few bugs here and there and things will straighten out soon.

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