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CableJive Offers First Lightning Cable Adapter for iPhone 5



The CableJive dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit hit this week making it one of the first third-party iPhone 5 Lightning adapter connector cables to reach the market.

CableJive makes high-quality iOS device cables and adapters. I’ve reviewed many of their solutions including the previous version of the dockBoss+ which connects Android to 30-pin iOS device accessories. I’m always impressed with the quality.

The dockBoss makes it easy to connect an iPhone 5 to an older 30-pin dock connector accessory like docks and charging stations as well as car connections.

Aside from offering a charging power source for iPhone 5, the dockBoss+ also the analog/digital signal for audio. As they explain in their press release

While the iPhone 5’s all-digital connector is pushing toward more digital audio accessories, most docking systems available on the market today use analog audio. The dockBoss+ iPhone 5 kit comes with a 1/8″ audio connector to connect audio from the iPhone 5 headphone jack to the 30-pin adapter. Charging is provided by connecting the USB cable provided with the iPhone 5 to the USB port on the dockBoss+.

cablejive dockboss with analog

Analog audio accessories will require the use of both the Lightning connector and stereo cable

Most people don’t know that their 30-pin iOS audio accessories probably won’t work with simple adapters that don’t account for the analog to digital conversion. People who own a digital system won’t need to connect the stereo cable on the dockBoss+. However, the dockBoss+ gives users both options in a single cable, so they don’t need two cables to work with both digital and analog systems.

When Apple changed the charge and sync connection of its iPhone 5, many cried foul. It seemed like a money grab by Apple. However, the new charger does offer some benefits, including easy connection and fast charging.

The change requires adapters and Apple offers their own adapter dongle for $29 or an adapter cable for $39. Neither of which ship until October if buyers order today.

cablejive dockboss

Digital audio accessories won’t need the stereo cable, just the Lightning connector

The CableJive dockBoss works with the iPhone 5, the new iPod Touch fifth gen, the new seventh gen iPod Nano and future iOS devices that will almost certainly use the new Lightning connector like the rumored iPad Mini that many expect Apple to announce next month.

Buyers can get the dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit now at the CableJive’s web store for $29.95, $10 cheaper than Apple’s own cable adapter.

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