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Cables, Cables, Cables, What Do You Use?



IgoMobile warriors are always trying to cut down on cable clutter and I’m looking to do the same. I’ve been using iGo adapters for a long time.The iGo solutions have always worked well for me in the past especially on long driving trips (which I like to do when I’m traveling for business) as I have to keep a phone and previously my iPod plugged in. On reaching a destination it also served well as a power source for my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC. After acquiring the Sprint PPC 6700 I of course went to purchase a tip for the device only to be met with a “Coming soon” notification when I checked inventory. Huzzah! The tip is available and so I made the purchase. At about the same time, I noticed this post on Gear Diary (by the way, a new blog that you should subscribe to if you haven’t already) about the Gomadic Double Charger. I’ve also been researching a few of the portable battery solutions from Battery Geek and other sources. So, I’m curious. What do you use for your on the road power solutions? Leave a comment here, or head over to the GBM Fourms and do so there.



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