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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Digital Pre-Orders Arrive



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s release date isn’t until November 4th, but Microsoft recently began taking digital pre-orders for the upcoming first-person shooter. It’s also allowing owners of its Xbox One console to download the game ahead of launch.

Microsoft kicked off pre-ordering and downloading ahead of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release date earlier today. A post on the Xbox Wire news blog reveals more about the company’s launch plans for the game.

As of right now any user with an Xbox One can pre-order either of the digital versions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition for the Xbox One costs $59.99. Users who purchase that version of the game through the Xbox Store get two exclusive weapons, an exoskeleton to boost their character’s armor and an in-game laser. Buyers of this version of the game also get access to the pre-release event that’s taking place on November 3rd. During this event all users – Xbox or otherwise – who pre-ordered the game get earn double the experience points in the game’s multiplayer and get to play the game earlier than everyone else.

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

A $99 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition that’s also available for pre-order through the Xbox Store today includes the game, the aforementioned pre-launch event with double XP, a multiplayer map, a special digital content pack, more weapons and a Season Pass that gives them access to all of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s upcoming downloadable content packs.

To be perfectly clear, pre-downloading isn’t what you might think it is. Pre-ordering a digital version of the game gives you access to pre-downloading. Whereas pre-ordering is the act of paying upfront for something that hasn’t arrived yet, pre-downloading is all about allowing you to get your hands on the game earlier than if you purchase a disc based copy. The one catch is that you can’t play it early. Instead of allowing early access, pre-downloading allows users to get the game on their hard drive so they’re not stuck with ridiculously long download times on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s release date. Downloading early means you’ll be ready when Microsoft unlocks the game at 3AM on November 3rd. That’s it. You won’t be able to play the game before November 3rd.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One pre-order system earlier this summer. It’s all about making it more convenient for users to purchase digital games or as convenient as purchasing a physical copy of the game is. Xbox One users who pre-order a game digitally get instant access to that game on whatever Xbox One they’re signed into. The game becomes part of the user’s digital library in a way physical games just can’t. For example, you can switch to a digital game with a voice command whenever you want. The same isn’t true for disc games. Users who have disc-based games have to get off the couch and insert a disc into their Xbox One.

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Publisher Activision revealed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare earlier this year. The game is set in the year 2054. In this alternative reality, a single corporation has replaced entire armies. Called Atlas, this corporation is run by one person who wields its power any way he sees fit. The CEO of Atlas is played by Kevin Spacey, who is most well-known for his role in House of Cards. The game’s single player and multiplayer experience will include futuristic weapons and exoskeleton that lets players climb walls and more. Earlier this week Activision revealed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare buyers on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will receive free upgrades to the Xbox One and PS4 versions until March of the years. Users can already pre-order the PlayStation version s of the game from the PlayStation Network.

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1 Comment

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