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Calling all ISV’s!



We love doing InkShows at  We also love helping Independent Software Developers (ISV’s)  get exposure and feedback on their products, whether they are officially released, or in some beta form and still being worked on.  If you would like to benefit from this exposure, we want to hear from you!

We are always looking out for new applications to review and test.  We are armed with Tablet PC’s and 3 Microsoft MVP’s, plus an audience, and are ready to test more software.  All we need is a copy of your software and applicable keys, and we will consider it for review.  We also do hardware and accessories! 

If you are an ISV or other vendor and would like us to test your product and do an InkShow, let us know via our [email protected] email address.  We cannot promise to do them all, but will do our best!

Hope to see your product soon as a InkShow!

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