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Calls for a Mini-Windows OS Increase



MeWe’ve been hearing calls for a more mobile-orienated operating system recently and recent news about the next Microsoft OS, Windows 7, is a part of the spark that is lighting that fire. Call it MinWin, or what have you, talk of an embedded OS for mobile systems certainly makes sense. After reading Loren Heiny’s recent post, it makes even more sense to me.

Loren nailed a couple of key points that I agree with (my paraphrases below): 

  • The lack of symmetry between hardware advances and Vista’s release was more than problematic.
  • Hardware for mobile devices started “trending down” in performance instead of “trending up.”

Loren states further:

I’d sum it up this way: Microsoft needs a mobile-minded OS solution sooner than later. One that can fit comfortably on a reasonably priced SSD. It has to. Today. The OS needs to keep me connected as I move around or as services fade in and out. Period. Today. The OS needs to run well on battery savvy hardware–that means hardware that’s minimalist–not much memory, not much processor umph, not much battery capacity. Today. The OS experience needs to be optimized and sensible for a variety of small displays. Today.

As Loren points out, waiting until 2010 for either a full blown new OS, or MinWin is not a good thing. In fact, I think if Microsoft can’t accelerate the tempo, the market will most likely leave them behind.


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