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Camera Awesome for iPad Arrives



Camera Awesome, SmugMug’s popular iPhone camera app is now available on the iPad.

Like the new Camera+ for iPad, Camera Awesome brings all the features of the iPhone version, but makes everything fit on the larger iPad screen. This includes nearly 300 filters and effects In Camera Awesome for iPad, as are all the sharing options and the Awesomize feature.

Unlike Camera+ for iPad, Camera Awesome doesn’t sync photos to iPhone app of the same name. Users can import photos from the camera roll on the iPad, including Photo Streams, but there’s no easier way transport photos from the iPhone app to the iPad.

Camera Awesome for iPad does give users a larger canvas to use when editing apps. It lets users see more detail in their photos and have more control over their editing.

Sadly Camera Awesome for iPad can’t make the sensor on the new iPad any better. Images taken with the app on the iPad won’t look as good as photos taken on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The app also fails to solve the problems of users looking silly when using their 10-inch tablet to take photos in public.

The UI for Camera Awesome for iPad seems to take a few cues from Apple’s default camera app. The image take up the entire screen with transparent buttons laid on top of it. The UI does look nice on the large screen for users who want to use it.

Like the iPhone app, Camera Awesome for iPad is available for free in the iOS App Store.

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