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Camera+ Celebrates Two Years, Hints at New Features



Two years ago today Camera+ 1.0 first hit the App Store, and today the app just passed eight million downloads.

To celebrate the two milestones John Casasanta of developer Tap Tap Tap wrote a blog post that hinted at some new features coming soon and gave a few details about the history of the company including some rejected acquisitions. Since the app first debuted the Camera+ team grew to 17 people, which lets small groups of the team work on specific parts of the app.

The next major update to Camera+ is “Darkroom,” and we’ll see it sometime in the next few weeks. The team also has “sub-groups” of its 17 person team working on “four other major areas.” We should see what the sub-groups are working on over the next few months.

While Tap Tap Tap is a small company with only a few developers, there were a few big companies that tried to pick it up. Over the past few years big companies such as Adobe, Zynga, Google, and Twitter approached the developer to talk about an acquisition (Zynga wanted The Heist more than Camera+). Twitter was the most recent company that tried to buy up Tap Tap Tap, but a deal obviously never went through.

The developer even refused to take money from venture capitalists so it could remain independent. The team didn’t want to compromise its vision to satisfy investors or a parent company despite the unspecified huge numbers put forward by some companies following the Instagram acquisition.

Even without any extra cash from VCs or a huge acquisition Camera+ remains one of the best camera apps in the App Store. We can’t really argue with the results of turning down the money.

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