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Can Your iPhone 5s Case fit the iPhone SE?



Now that Apple offers an attractively outfitted iPhone SE, users with a 4-inch iPhone are looking to upgrade. This leaves them asking, “Do iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s cases fit the iPhone SE?”

We are already hearing from some companies who confirmed that the iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5s cases will fit the iPhone SE, but you will need to double check if you use a battery case or if you use a waterproof case.

The actual fit of some cases will vary depending on the design, but for the most part you should be able to use your old case.

Do iPhone 5s Cases Work as iPhone SE Cases?

Speck told Gotta Be Mobile, “All of our existing iPhone 5/5s cases will fit the iPhone SE,” and the company is adding some new options based on the popular iPhone 6s cases. 

Expect to see many IPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases fit the iPhone SE.

Expect to see many IPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases fit the iPhone SE.

OtterBox announced that they are selling iPhone SE cases already, which likely means that existing OtterBox iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases will work with your iPhone SE,

LifeProof makes waterproof iPhone cases, including the LifeProof iPhone 5 and 5s case. The company currently offers an option to get notified when there is a new LifeProof iPhone SE case available. This may mean that the company needs to make changes, or simply that they are waiting to test the fit on the iPhone se.

Incipio offers a number of iPhone se case options for sale, which likely means that existing iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases will fit the iPhone SE.

Check to make sure the iPhone 5 case you want fits the iPhone SE.

Check to make sure the iPhone 5 case you want fits the iPhone SE.

On the Moshi website the company lists iPhone SE cases with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 cases, which is confirmation that you can use any of these existing cases on the iPhone Se.

The iPhone SE dimensions are 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, which is exactly what the iPhone 5s dimensions are. The overall design of the phone is the same, with small changes to the edges. The iPhone se is slightly heavier, but it is not larger.

Most iPhone 5s cases will fit the iPhone SE.

Most iPhone 5s cases will fit the iPhone SE.

The odds that you can use your iPhone 5s case with the iPhone SE is very good. In most cases you should not have a problem using your current case or one you see at a local store marked with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s name.

It is a good idea to check with the manufacturer before you buy or to make sure the iPhone SE fits in the case before you leave the store.

You can see the Best iPhone 5s cases below, many of which will work on the iPhone SE. We’re rounding up our favorite new iPhone SE cases right now.

Best iPhone 5s Cases

OtterBox iPhone 5s Case - Defender Series

OtterBox iPhone 5s Case - Defender Series

The OtterBox iPhone 5s case is updated to let users access the fingerprint sensor, kicking the rubber home button cover to the curb. OtterBox sent over their iPhone 5s Defender Series case which we've been using for a day now and so far it feels like another great OtterBox case.

The OtterBox iPhone 5s case comes in multiple color options, and OtterBox lets users pick an outer cover color and a hard plastic inner color. Users can also add a belt clip. All of the case options include a screen protector with a large home button cutout.

$49.95 and up at OtterBox



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